Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these answers help. If you would like more information contact us directly. 

How much does it cost?

The most popular question I get is how much it cost per square foot to build a custom home.  The answer varies greatly.  It can be as low as $170 per square foot and go up to over $400 per square foot.  The reality is that the sky is the limit depending on what you are doing.

How do you choose your contractors?

I have worked with the same contractors for years and choose only those that I can depend on to do the job right. 

Do you have a time guarantee?

We do have an escalation clause but due to Covid supply chain issues access to many resources can cause delays.

How do people learn what they want in a house?

Consider doing research online or on things like Pinterest.  Also, go for a drive and see the new home construction in your areas to get an idea of new trends and offerings. Read home building magazines and watch home remodels shows.  

What is the benefit of new construction over renovations?

Many upgrades are available when you build from scratch that you would not even see in a renovation.  This includes things such as thicker walls, better windows, better framing, over digging supports, etc.

With new construction, you get to choose everything yourself the way you want it from carpet to cupboard handles.  You also do not inherit other people’s problems such as undisclosed mold or leaking basements. 

What is the biggest mistake people make when building a new home?

The biggest mistake people make is trying to cut corners in order to save money.   Cutting corners invariably will lead to problems in the future for you or the next owners of the home.    Building a home needs to be done right for the future of the property and the joy of ownership. 

What is my idea of the perfect build?

My idea of the perfect build would be an open floor plan ranch with a three-car garage.  There would be no steps to cause problems down the road.  The floor plan would be open to encourage people to hang out and eat and live together. Open floor plans also make a home seem bigger and warmer. 

How important is Accessability?

As a Paramedic, I know firsthand what happens when a hallway is not wide enough or the home does not have accessible features.   I know that this kind of shortsightedness can cost lives. Every home I build will be made with accessibility and longevity in mind.  

What do I enjoy most about being a custom builder?

I love being a custom builder as I get to work with new clients and help them design, build and realize their dream homes. 

How many homes have you build?

I have built 14 homes from scratch and have fully renovated another 8.  I have also been involved in a large number of smaller renovation projects.